statement 2024

Stop. Breathe. Listen. Look carefully around you:
Bahidorá has transformed.

It's the same river, with a new current.
The same space, to be lived in a different, better way.

Whether it's your eleventh time or your first, we welcome you to a new version of Bahidorá: a vibrant ecosystem that greets us every year with creative experiences and expressions.

Because we listen to the space and we listen to you,
we're sharing some of the updates that await us #EnBahidorá 2024,
which will enhance the quality of the experience:

🌺Less people

The most important thing #EnBahidorá is to enjoy to the fullest while taking care of the space that welcomes us. That's why the number of attendees allowed at the event is reduced this edition, which will improve the quality and quantity of spaces for dancing, eating, swimming, resting, and contemplating. Expect a more spacious and comfortable Bahidorá; a complete vacation with spaces and moments for different tastes and cravings.


In 2024, Bahidorá is stepping up It’s diversity program. Look forward to new stages and activities throughout the day that will invite you to seamlessly navigate the weekend from one end to the other. You'll enjoy multiple expressions of music, art, gastronomy, wellness, learning, and nature along the way.

🌺More comfortable camps

For all of us who sleep #EnBahidorá, we deserve to do it comfortably, safely, and in good company. Now, you can enjoy Bahidorá in a new campsite setup, offering options for different tastes and budgets. Bahidorá will invest in amenities to make the camping experience enjoyable for everyone. All campsites are now at a sufficient distance from noisy stages and activities, so you can enjoy tranquility while still being close to your tent whenever you need it.


Bahidorá is a state of lucidity and consciousness: the radiant connection between the extraordinary and the natural. It's the alchemy between what you can be and feel simply by being there: by connecting.

The etymology of its name, "Bahía de Ardora", refers to the "Seas of Ardora": a beautiful natural phenomenon where microscopic marine organisms, when they come into contact with each other, emit a collective light so powerful it's visible from space. This symbolizes the dazzling effect of the genuine connection that Bahidorá invites. Connection to the environment, to each other, to each moment, from a thousand and one possibilities.

Thus, Bahidorá belongs to each and every one of us. An experience filled with meaning that, year after year, calls upon you to project this powerful collective light through space and time.



We gather to celebrate collective creativity and individual expression as ways to connect and discover new paths.


Bahidorá is made from and for a community that we seek to inspire and strengthen through our values.


We share the space with conscience, integrity and respect towards others, towards the territory that receives us and all the life that inhabits it.


Everyone is welcome and celebrated in Bahidorá, regardless of any social, cultural, physical, ethnic or racial differentiator: we know that diversity is a source of wealth in a creative society.


We are committed to being a sustainable event, which reflects social and environmental awareness in each of its decisions. Our mission is to reduce our negative footprint, while increasing our positive footprint in our environment.