Carnaval de Bahidorá offers different lodging options for you to experience the event your way. Discover your options below:

General Camping

General Camping is our primary recommendation for you to experience the Carnaval in full immersion. Here, you will be comfortable and safe, and you will have a personal space where you can rest whenever you need to. Passes fall into
two categories:

Sunday Departure

The Carnaval comes to an end, and so does your time at our Camping. With this pass, you will have to depart on Sunday before 7:00 pm.

Cost per person: 790 MXN

Monday Departure

Would you like an additional night for resting? This pass allows you to
depart from the Carnaval on Monday and enjoy a closing party on Sunday evening.

Cost per person: 990 MXN

For more information and purchase of Camping Passes, follow this link.


Aldebarán is the premium space tailored to the Carnaval’s yearly returnee community.

This camping is equipped with:

  • VIP restrooms
  • A dedicated entrance
  • A dedicated parking spot
  • Hot showers
  • Dedicated bars and breakfast bars
  • Electrical outlets

If you wish to balance your energy at the Carnival while camping most comfortably, then Glamping is for you.

Allow yourself the luxury of spending the night at these pre-assembled tents. Not only are they located at Las Estacas, but also they have everything you need to turn your resting time into a whole new experience.

Your amenities include a mattress, linens (pillow, sheets, blanket and bedspread), electrical outlets, a rug, decorative detailing, and a nightstand.

Get your pass before they are sold out, for there is a limited availability.

Hotel Bahidorá

Hotel Bahidorá is the façade of what was once a 16th century estate. This historical building is surrounded by plentiful semi-tropical vegetation, and it is only 30 minutes away from the Carnaval.

Here, you will rest pleasantly in an individual or double room, or even in a suite, along with all the corresponding amenities to ensure a gratifying stay at the hotel.

Your Hotel Bahidorá pass includes Shuttle transportation from Hotel Hacienda Cocoyoc to Las Estacas (departures every 30 minutes) to ease your journey.

 Additional information and room details: