• Read the Rules section carefully, for we put it together to foster a positive and secure ambience at the Carnaval. Everyone is expected to know these rules and respect them.
  • When camping, consider this tip: Protect your tent with a lock, positioned always on the zipper at the tent’s upper portion, to avoid unwanted hands reaching valuable objects on the ground.
  • If you drink, do it responsibly. Experience the Carnaval fully, and plan a safe return home. Choose a designated driver among your friends. We worry about you getting home safely, and your loved ones worry even more. Be sensible and take care of yourself.
  • Prior to leaving home, check the list of prohibited objects and substances. No access exceptions will be made.
    Bring light clothing since the weather gets quite warm during the day. Bring as well a jacket or a sweater, for the night can get VERY cold. Because the Carnaval takes place at a privileged natural space sensitive to chemicals, make sure you bring environmentally-friendly products.