Bahidorá exists; it’s an imaginary place.

Bahidorá is a conscious and internal state of lucid mind where we are with ourselves and our surroundings. It’s where our creativity blooms.

Bahía de Ardora’s etymology references the Ardora Sea: a beautiful natural phenomenon where microscopic underwater fauna literally shine -visible from space- when in physical contact with each other. This symbolizes our will to genuinely connect with our community and the dazzling effect we can generate by spreading this connection.

Bahidorá is for oneself and everybody. It’s a personal place that, when shared, creates a stunning collective dynamic.

Our Carnaval is a celebration loaded with symbols and each year we gather at Bahidorá to celebrate and spread our common light through space and time.

Love For Diversity

EVERYONE is welcome and celebrated in Bahidorá, regardless of any social, cultural, physical, ethnic or racial difference. Diversity is a source of wealth in a creative society.

Sense of Community

We recognize ourselves as part of our community, and we get involved in its strengthening.

Sustainable Awareness

We are committed to the mission of a waste-free world. We contribute to it by acting at every opportunity that comes our way, inside and outside the Carnival.

Limitless Expression

We celebrate freedom and the will to express ourselves individually and collectively, with the desire to discover new creative paths.

Civic Responsibility


We are aware of how our behavior affects others, and we always act with respect for the integrity of others and the collective experience.