Bahidorá exists; it is an imaginary place.

Bahidorá is and internal state of lucidity and consciousness where we connect with ourselves and our surroundings. It is the place from which our creativity burgeons.

Its name’s etymology, “Bahía de Ardora” [Ardora Bay], alludes to the milky seas effect [mares de ardora], a gorgeous natural phenomenon in which microscopic marine organisms display their own light, visible from space, when interacting with each other. This symbolism represents our willingness to truly connect with our community, as well as the luminescent effect we can generate by pursuing this connection.

Bahidorá belongs, therefore, to each and every one of us. It is a personal space that, when shared with others, results in a magnificent collective dynamic.

Our Carnaval is a millenary celebration brimming with meaning. We join each carnival season at Bahidorá to celebrate and project our shared luminescence in this space.


All members of Bahidorá’s community (attendees, collaborators and organizers) are committed as a whole to building a positive, conscious and transforming space. Hence, we share the following collective values to guide us and to foster a magical experience.


Love to Diversity

EVERYONE is welcome at Bahidorá, regardless of social, cultural, physical, ethnic, racial, or gender differences. In a creative society, diversity is a source of wealth.

Sense of Community

We recognize ourselves as members of a community, thus we actively engage in its strengthening and wellbeing.

Sustainability Awareness

We are committed to securing a waste-free planet; accordingly, we act upon every opportunity presented to us both inside and outside the Carnaval.

Unlimited Expression

We celebrate liberty and the willingness to express ourselves individually and collectively, motivated by the desire to find new creative paths.

Civic Responsibility

We are aware of how our behavior affects others; therefore, we conduct ourselves with respect for others’ integrity and for the collective experience.