Isla B

Isla B

All activities and rituals on Isla B are programmed with the intention of facilitating a genuine energetic connection – with our community, and with ourselves. – You will find diverse programming, delivered by connoisseurs and teachers of different holistic disciplines, who honor us with their shared knowledge.

Keep an active, positive, relaxed and open mind  with the numerous yoga sessions we will be having on Isla B. 

We will be guiding the shared energy of the Bahidorans with three collective meditations at the Carnival on Saturday and Sunday.

Static dance.
Dance, sensitivity, catharsis, exercising, and connection integrate a full celebration under a dynamic system. Don’t miss Isla B’s iconic moondance.

Sound healing
Sound healing therapies at Isla B will further our awakening, expand our consciousness and use sound as a transforming and uniting tool #EnBahidorá. Partake in this ceremony for fluidity and wellness.