bahidorá 2023

Carnaval de Bahidorá is also a place to question individual and collective practices which affect the environment. We propose an event which takes full responsibility for its social and environmental impact generated by its size.

Thanks to this, Green Music InitiativeGMI is an organization that ranks and rewards environmental strategies practiced by massive international festivals. From this labor, a network of environmental experts was set to design and implement new ways to produce and entertain while limiting its impact on the environment.  awarded us in 2018, being the first Mexican and Latinamerican festival in doing so.

In 2022, the British Council awarded us with the “Cultura Circular: sustainable festivals” for co-developing a platform with Glastonbury dedicated to study the influence that festivals have on cities and societies in a sustainable way.

The program centers on detonating a shift of narratives and practices related to festival culture with a sustainable approach.
A project reflecting on a world post-COVID where sustainability is the key in fabricating independent cultural manifestations.
This is the sustainability program that regulates and evaluates the fundamental activities happening at the Carnival.

We managed to build a sustainability program designed under international standard ISO 20121:2012 while reporting on results provided on every Carnival edition. All of this aiming to be as eco-friendly as possible This, in order to design, produce and share an event based on sustainable approach and actions. as possible.

Nowadays we can proudly say that since 2015 we have compensated 100% of our CO2 emissions. This thanks to the reforestation and preservation program we take part of, which is led by “Scolel’te” project, located in the Chiapas region, Mexico.

This is the sustainability program that regulates and evaluates the fundamental activities happening at the Carnival.

We ask for your support and empathy to compromise on the following:

  • No littering, especially cigarettes, make sure you dispose of the cigarette butts in their respective receptacles.
  • Remember to separate your trash and be wary of the multiple categorization of bins distinguished by the Carnaval iconography.
  • Help us pick up the trash on the ground and dispose of it in their respective bins.
  • We recommend bringing a small bag to gather all the trash you can.
  • For those who camp, make sure to #LeaveNoTrace.

The Carnaval’s objectives proposed by our general coordination team are: 

  1. To gauge, reduce and compensate for our carbon footprint for the eighth consecutive time, since 100% of CO2 emissions are caused mainly by our power consumption and transportation. This is possible by acquiring carbon capture certifications.
  2. Offer and promote alternative communal transportation to the Carnaval in order to reduce the carbon emissions.
  3. Control the use of intakes, installations and activities that involve contaminating materials and promote the exclusive use of recyclables/compostables and reusables.
  4. Reduce waste generated by assistants and staff within 25% compared to last year.
  5. Ensure that 100% of all beverages and food be served in completely compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging not only during the Carnival but during its production week. Use of styrofoam and single-use plastic is strictly prohibited.
  6. Provide a sustainable destiny to 100% of the Carnival waste.
  7. Reduce the river pollution by selling environmentally-responsible cosmetics
    •No smoking near the river. Every cigarette butt pollutes up to 7 liters of water.