Choose Your Lodging #EnBahidorá

Choose Your Lodging #EnBahidorá

Carnaval de Bahidorá is a comprehensive experience that has to be lived to the fullest extent. #EnBahidorá, you become part of Las Estacas for an entire weekend, which is why we have enhanced Bahidorá’s 8th edition lodging options for you to select the one that suits you best.

General Camping, Bahidorá’s traditional zone

This is our preferred and most recommended option for you to experience the Carnaval in full immersion. Besides having a personal space where you can rest whenever you need to, you will be able to experiment the sense of community in Bahidorá’s atmosphere by connecting with other Camping members and exploring the exuberant nature at Las Estacas.

This year, Camping will have an extra day, so there are two different departure options: The first option is to leave on Sunday at the end of the Carnaval, whereas the second option is to spend an additional night to rest and leave on Monday morning. Furthermore, you may also attend the Carnaval’s closing party with your Departing-on-Monday Camping pass.

For Camping details and purchase, follow this link

Aldebarán, the comfort of camping

If you want to partake in the Camping experience #EnBahidorá, but hot water and electricity are a must for you, Aldebarán is your option. It is equipped with VIP trailers and restrooms, a dedicated entrance and parking spot, as well as special bars and breakfast bars. Aldebarán gives you the opportunity of bringing your own tent and enjoying being in community and in nature with the most comfort.

Glamping, where camping and luxury meet

If you long for more comfort that what Aldebarán can give, then Glamping is for you. Besides having all amenities available to you, you will be able to sleep on a comfortable mattress with linens, a pillow, and even a nightstand. Everything will be preassembled, and you will also find a rug and Bahidorian decor.

Both the Aldebarán and Glamping options are of limited availability. So, if you are interested, follow this link quickly to buy your passes before they are all sold out.

Hotel Bahidorá, a top-tier experience

If you are a professional party-person who needs some serious rest to recover, then lodging at Hotel Bahidorá is for you.

Hotel Bahidorá is located inside the beautiful Hacienda Cocoyoc. You will find the rooms, pool, patios, green areas and the silence you were looking for.

Besides enjoying the building’s grandeur, you will be only 30 minutes away from Las Estacas; you will have a dedicated shuttle that will take you, every 30 minutes, from the Hotel to Las Estacas and vice versa.

Follow this link to buy your passes, for there is limited availability.